PSD2 Standards Clear European Parliament & Council

PSD2 is continuing to clear its final hurdles with yesterday (27 February) being the deadline for the PSD2 Regulatory Technical Standards (RTS)to be “objected” to or not in the European Parliament/Council. Neither institution objected and the RTS are expected to be adopted by the Commission and published in the Official Journal on 7 March. Thus, as expected, the application date for Strong Customer Authentication for all European banks is then 18 months later, in September 2019.

In the coming months, Touchtech will provide in-depth analysis of 27 of the key RTS provisions affecting European banks. While the core principle of Strong Customer Authentication being two of something a customer “is”, “knows”, or “has” is quite widely-known, what this means for banks’ digital channels remains unclear to many.

Banks which embrace PSD2 as an opportunity to optimise user experiences will thrive, while those which view the Directive as just a regulatory burden will quickly lose the best customer demographics.

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Sample 3D Secure experience with Touchtech

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