A Damsel in Distress

Year 2001 was quite significant as I had left Bangladesh for Australia that year and it was my first experience outside my room (!). I never went anywhere in my life alone and definitely not this far!

Unlike most other boys of my age from Bangladesh I was very good user of English and that gave me an air of confidence. That confidence made me smart and act natural at whatever the problem I faced. I never hesitated to talk and communicate with the natives there. All these things created a secret longing for a native girlfriend! It was always like “I wish I had an Australian girl-friend”. Believe me! This type of intention is very common among people of my age!

However, in a fine evening I was doing my programming language assignment. The problem seemed to be impregnable. I was so into the problem that I hadn’t notice that I was the only one left in the lab, or, so I thought! As I was about to start for home I thought I heard a faint female voice calling me. I looked back and missed a heartbeat. Oh my GOD! Was it a dream? She was one of the best and most beautiful students in my class and I had a secret affection for her. But I was never brave enough to say what I felt. I went to see what her distress call was for. Apparently she could not find what the error was. I tapped a few keys this way and that way and found that a simple dot was missing. As I saved the damsel from the DOT distress, she thanked me very much.

Well, the story hadn’t end there though!I thought none remembers a geek. Guess! What was coming at me!

The next day was Friday. I was feeling happy already as the weekend was coming and I could have a breather after a long stressful week. But I knew not I had a surprise waiting for me at the end of the day.

I was packing my stuff as the class was over. All of a sudden I felt a tap on my shoulder. I looked back and my heart literally jumped and my heartbeat went nuts. MY SWEET DREAMS!

“Are you busy this weekend? Let’s hang out together.”

Any teenage boy would dream to have a date with this GIRL! I was catatonic. I have been dreaming for this very day for a very long time. My dream was about to come true! It was too good to believe. But what came next was even better.

I practiced for this kind of situation in my imagination, many times. I used to day dream about this kind of incidents. I was well prepared! I was ready; I knew exactly what to say!

Being excited as child I opened my mouth to say YES and said,

“Sorry! Will be busy doing assignment.”

MY DAMSEL in DISTRESS couldn’t just BELIEVE her ears!