a few of those folks were actually gay, or trans…
In a perfect world.

Exactly…a few…not all, right? I agree to most part but as the leader of the world American cannot ignore the fact that they do have responsibility to the people of the rest of the world as what America does most follow afterwards. So just by doing things only for themselves cannot be an option anymore. People around the world are trying follow their footsteps. One cannot be always right, right? But followers never believe in that.

America should think of the population that wants to save chastity and also attends the same school, or college, or office, as the part of the population that doesn’t want to save it. Am I wrong?

Another thing is the point where you say sexual revolution. My question is the wiki article you have advised me to read contains a few people coming out in the limelight and producing some glorified pornography and revolutionized how people look at their sexuality. I mean we are talking about the story a girl wrote. She found it so scary and traumatizing she never exposed it to the public eye! We are not talking about a “revolution” here. Many may find killing an ant and having sexual intercourse with the wife and/or the daughter of Mr. X are the same thing, then I have to say “someone has something wrong in the head”. It’s alright if some part of the population want to act just like the creatures without creative and intellectual faculty, I do not have any objection. But I do object when they try to make it right just because they think what they do is right. Even if there is a single person — man/woman who does not feel the way the whole world feels, I have to support them; and I believe any American would do the same thing- support that one single soul who do not want to be counted as the stupid one.

Just because a practice is common in the society, it does not become right! It reminds me of the play “The Way of the World” from the “Restoration period” of English society. I mean that play was meant to mock the practices which were very much in vogue during that period in England. While “the restoration period” is an age old English history, 21st century America is slowly getting there? This is really confusing.