Unfortunately, virginity was a casualty in the struggle for equality.
In a perfect world.

Please, explain as I don’t understand what does virginity have to do with gender equality? Is it just America? Or the whole world? Surely gender equality requires far deeper explanation than just this.

Is it “Woman can do what a man can do”, or, is it “ Woman can no more be ignored and give way to the patriarchs”?

Who taught the teenagers the first illicit sex? I mean who preached the idea that not having sex right after one becomes of age is so bad that people get ostracized for saving their virginity? Because surely it is an ideal which cannot be planted overnight! Someone must have believed and preached it and followers stood in support and clash of ideals happened. I see a winner and that is hegemony. Changing from the core of the heart of population so much so that they start believing in something even if it were wrong in the first place.

Well, people will say it is the culture and be silent about something very much obvious — religion. Because, it, too, has become age old custom to the people of 21st century. I still do not understand how does one’s virginity becomes the causality of the war for women’s right to equality? Isn’t it just the evil part of the human mind overpowering one’s good will to save one’s the most precious and important thing — his/her chastity? Surely “If money is lost nothing is lost, if time is lost something is lost, but if the character is lost everything is lost” has lost all of its meaning in this world, as losing chastity has become as important as getting a job right after graduation.

Change or whatever you may call it, dear lady, virginity can and never should be the casualty of equality.