Efforts to Educate Migrants Stall as Just Three Per Cent Want to Try Learning

Why bother to develop job skills when you just came for the free ride, anyway? Or that, and as a soldier in an undeclared war against the West (actually, the continuation of a war that started 1400 years ago, and never really ended).

“In June of 2016, Sweden’s state-owned broadcaster SVT revealed that only 494 migrants of the 163,000 who had recently arrived had found meaningful work.”

What more needs be said?

Keep in mind that second and third-generation immigrants become MORE radical than their parents, not less. Assimilation is a lie, and paper citizenship a fraud. These people will NEVER be Swedes — but, having invaded with little or no opposition, they may very well conquer Sweden and turn it into yet another impoverished, disease-ridden, Third World country.



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