Gavin McInnes: “Straight White Man” song “shows how retarded liberals are”

The gap between reality and Cultural Marxist narratives is growing so large that psychological and emotional collapse is a real possibility. And they’ll try their best to take us down with them.

As with any communicable disease, we need to isolate and marginalize these zombies before they can complete the destruction of Western Culture & Western Civilization which their programmed behavior was designed to accomplish.

  1. Never apologize to them for being who you are; never accept unearned guilt or blame.
  2. Never excuse their vicious, hateful behavior as merely “misguided” or “immature” — always remember that their goal is to utterly destroy you and everything and everyone you care about.
  3. Avoid, at all costs, exposure to their message: it’s an expertly designed propaganda disinformation PSYOP originally created by Intelligence Operatives and experts at Mind Control working for Global Elites who wish to bring down the last remaining threat to their dream of total global hegemony: Straight White Men.
  4. Don’t read their “newspapers” or books, watch their TV, movies, and internet videos, or consume their “news” or advertising. Proactively seek alternative entertainment, information sources, social media platforms, and retailers, and service providers whenever possible.
  5. Lose no opportunity to ridicule, attack, and de-mystify their message wherever and whenever you see it, particularly on social media. Always use their own tactics against them, but with 10 times the ferocity and ruthlessness.
  6. Never give in, never give up, never yield an inch if it can be avoided. Never compromise. Never provide an opening for their inevitable attacks. Make any unavoidable retreat tactical, not strategic.
  7. Never forget that war is the continuation of politics by other means (von Clausewitz) — and that we are engaged in a war for the future of Western Culture & Western Civilization. There can be no greater stakes: act accordingly.