Dear protesters, activists, Trump and anti-Trump supporters, democrats, republicans, fellow Americans,

The year is 2017. The 45th president of the “United” States is now in office. Without doubt, the majority of the people in this country abhor Mr. Trump; while the silent rest of the people have brought his victory. I, myself, am in neither side of this charade, among other individuals who refuse to believe this type of manipulation. It is disappointing to see where we are today; instead of progressing and moving forward, we’re falling down. The once young, rebellious, freedom loving country, which has turned into the most powerful nation of all, has reached a point of humiliation and regret. Millions of Americans and non-Americans have gathered to the streets of their cities, hoping to send a message of their beliefs to the president and the whole world as well. Nevertheless, what is that message representing? Apparently its desire falls upon equality among men and women, every race and, every religion. From a common point of view, it has a purpose; it has a voice worth of hearing and hopes common to most individuals of this country. I believe it is necessary to address the reality of the situation, the real problem, to which most of us are blind to; the government.

In the age of information, it’s truly sad to see how many Americans are unaware of the atrocious actions this government imposes on its people. Now, most of us most likely believe that, whoever we get to elect as out president is who is in control; but to many of us it is known that is not the case. The ones with great wealth, the ones with great possession, are in control. Our system is unfortunately, a failed one. America is the country known for its love of freedom and justice; the country built by rebels of government oppression, freedom fighters and believers of justice. But is this what our country is for today? Supposedly, yes; truly, no.

Millions are blindly obeying orders their leaders impose on them, mostly because of the use of propaganda and distraction strategies. Actions are said to be done but left behind as simply forgotten words. Promises are broken and trust is lost; division becomes a way of living to compete among beliefs and violence a threat that is said can solve many of our conflicts. Is this the country our founding fathers fought for? Is this the type of treatment that should be allowed upon the American people? And with what right does the government force us to give them almost half of our income; our hard work, time and effort that are put to earn a profit? With what right is that money used for mass murder for which we use the word “war”? And with what mind and heart do we, the American people, allow these actions to be continued? This is not the real America; this is an oppressive oligarchy, where democracy has failed, the will of the people is ignored, federalism has become unjust, and our natural rights slowly taken away, one by one.

How is it morally ethical for the government to divide its people, while ironically supporting their belief and desire for unity? Divided, we will never succeed to bring out a successful revolution. Nevertheless, we must unite; not just to prove our point, not just to expose government corruption. But to stand up for what is right; to draw a brand new path to success and an efficient way of living; to teach that love, not war, is the answer. To establish a nation that is constitutional, that does not allow for evil to rule all. To promote unity, strength through our ability to start a life based on our choices, not the government’s; for the future generations of our children and grandchildren to advance towards the best of the best.

We ought to unite, for the love of our country, for the good of its people, for the sake of morality. So, America, stand up for your beliefs and let your voice be heard; so we can bring change and justice to all of our people. We must act upon the world; we reflect our choices; we represent our actions. Stand up for the oppressed, which are ourselves. United we stand, divided we fall; so let’s come together to create, a nation based on what’s best for all.

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