Opportunity Africa Experience

This is one of my experience that I had during my senior year in High School. It was from this experience that I got to see and feel what the outside world was really like for the first time.

During my senior year in HS… we had to do a digital project like this as well… where we focused on organizations/ nonprofits that dealt with international conflicts…so I came across a story about a Nigerian woman who was attacked by terrorists for pursuing a higher education…this story was published through Opportunity Africa (the nonprofit organization) so I contacted them about wanting to work/ volunteer with them for my senior project…

When I went out to meet one of the representatives of the nonprofit… I was never expecting it would’ve be the lady in the story I just read… surprisingly it was her. Martine was her name… and she was the most strong and inspirational person… we talked for an hour… about her incident, her thoughts and her future… all was an outlook to becoming “someone better then just a simple being”

Overall it was through this experience that I found the U of M to be my stepping stone to help people like Martine and many more…just to hear their stories/ experiences and show them the help and opportunities they deserve…

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