One Great Graf: The GOP Is A Horror Movie

But is the base getting killed or are they the crazy killer?!?

“The Republican establishment has no clue who the Republican base is anymore, or if they do, they thought wrongly that they could control them by feeding them crumbs of obstruction and vague aspirationalism from their table of excess. In fact, that base has been gorging itself on fear and anger, vileness and the possibility of violence. As Rolling Stone reported last week in the following exchange with the Republican pollster Frank Luntz: ‘Republicans didn’t listen,’ says Luntz. ‘They didn’t hear the anger because they spent too much time in Washington and not enough in the rest of America. The Republican finance people, the donor class, they didn’t see it and didn’t hear it, and by the time they did, it was too late.’ Luntz compared it to a horror film: ‘You know something’s out there, but you don’t see it until you’re getting stabbed.’ When you compare your own base to the killer in a slasher flick, you know you have a problem.” — Charles Blow, NY Times

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