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A new conflict is brewing in the vacation industry. The struggle between ownership and exclusive membership. This war is not a new one, but since the 1970’s Timeshare ownership has been dominating the battlefields as if being led by Alexander the great. In this technological age of websites like Expedia, and Travelocity, timeshares are becoming less and less attractive. Why? Well, in a study done by the American Resort Developers Association (ARDA), maintenance fees have more than tripled since the ’90’s while exchanges have become more difficult to obtain. Owners of timeshares are growing increasingly more dissatisfied with the decline of the industry and the lack of effort being made by most resort companies to improve owner experience.

Our research has uncovered that of the 4.7 million timeshares that have been sold by resort developers over the past 40 years, 3.2 million are up for resale. Something has gone awry in an industry with a 70% dissatisfaction rate. What’s worse is the fact that 99% of these timeshares that are listed for sale NEVER SELL. Some unsuspecting timeshare owners have paid hundreds, or even thousands of dollars to have their timeshare listed for sale or rent, only to find that there is just no market for them. In fact, the resorts themselves will not even take a timeshare back for free.

In comes the Vacation Club to save the day! With an exclusive membership to a vacation club like Tourico Vacations members are privy to the same high-end accommodations as timeshare owners, without the burden of maintenance fees. In addition to the elimination of maintenance fees, vacation clubs use similar technology to Expedia and Travelocity to find availability among resorts. The advantage of being a member of a travel club over just using a travel site is threefold:

1. Deep Discounts on hotels, condos, cruises, excursions, activities, golf, etc.

2. Personal Concierge Services to help find, book, and enjoy the most memorable vacation experiences.

3. Member Only Access to vacation homes, timeshares, and top end resorts, typically only available to the filthy rich.

Some vacation clubs even include a timeshare service to enhance owners’ use of their interval, or will take qualified timeshares in as an equity trade toward the purchase of a new membership.

In my opinion, Vacation Clubs far outweigh the burden of Timeshare ownership.

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