Why we invested in Pixis

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At Touring Capital, we have deep conviction that advances in artificial intelligence — driven by breakthroughs in language models and widespread adoption of generative AI — will fundamentally reshape the way we build, charge and interact with software. We seek to partner with software companies building workflows uniquely enabled by AI that supercharge productivity in the enterprise. We also have conviction that democratization of software development will enable generational software companies to be built globally at the same pace as Silicon Valley.

Our investment philosophy is squarely rooted in investing at two key frontiers in software: deep AI innovation and a focus on emerging tech hubs across the world. Perhaps most importantly, we are heavily focused on partnering with visionary founders who are not only uniquely built to push this frontier forward, but who are also good, high-integrity human beings with whom we will enjoy working with over years (or decades!).

Why We Invested in Pixis

Born in Bangalore but raised on the global stage, Pixis is an encapsulation of our thesis of investing in software at the frontier. The founding team began tinkering with generative AI applications in gaming all the way back in 2018. While they didn’t find product market fit in that area, the team leveraged their deep AI expertise to create a powerful end-to-end SaaS solution for marketers. Pixis has pioneered a new category of holistic cross-channel digital marketing optimization software that provides a powerful layer of abstraction for marketers who have historically interfaced with various solutions painfully stitched together (including social media advertising accounts, static spreadsheets, internal tools). Pixis goes far beyond simple orchestration and has become deeply embedded in many marketers’ workflows. With Pixis, customers can measure, analyze, and automate every aspect of their digital marketing campaigns. Pixis also enables instant generation of creative assets that can be directly embedded into marketing campaigns.

Pixis represents a new breed of AI-native companies that not only optimize but completely replace and augment manual workflows, dramatically improving productivity in the workforce. In speaking to the marketers they serve, it was clear to us that Pixis was not only saving hours of manual labor, but supercharging their capabilities as demonstrated by how they consistently drive over 30% reduction in CAC.

With Pixis, Fortune 500 brands like DHL and Sanofi and large enterprises like Vuori, Hims and Hers, HelloFresh, Joe and the Juice, Swiggy, and many more have seen a significant increase in marketing performance and reduction in ad spend.

Not only do Shubham, Vrushali and Hari exemplify deep technical excellence, they have shown grit, hustle, and scrappiness that we are always inspired by. Having known the team for years, we’ve been impressed by their rare combination of humility, vision and determination — all qualities necessary on the road to building an iconic company. The team has been continually innovating on the frontier of AI in marketing and built a powerful go to market engine that has enabled them to land an impressive set of customers, all while being highly capital efficient.

Pixis Co-Founders: Shubham A. Mishra, Vrushali Prasade and Hari Valiyath

We are excited to partner with Pixis as they reshape the future of digital marketing!



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