3 Ways to Travel Cheap in Romania

Even though Romania is one of the most affordable destinations in Europe, most tourists seek the best way to travel at a reasonable price. Here are three tips for traveling to Romania on a budget with consideration of three basic traveler’s needs: transportation, accommodation, food and drinks.

  1. Travel with low-cost airlines like Wizz Air, Blue Air or Ryan Air. These three flying companies deliver the best prices for flights to, from and throughout Romania. Make sure you book your flight in advance for the best value and always look out for promo offers. You can find flights as cheap as 10 euro, while the regular prices are between 20 and 50 euro.

2 . Book a room in a pension, motel or villa as these do the most justice to the quality-price relationship. As locals are used to host tourists, finding an inexpensive place in the rural area is very easy and like that you can experience the traditions of the countryside. Think of prices ranging from 10 to 25 euros. Isn’t that incredibly affordable?

3. Choose the daily menu offer from a wide range of restaurants. Most restaurants or bistros make up a daily meal consisting of 2 courses and desert for about 15–20 lei (5 euro). If you do not like the offer on a particular day, although there are hundreds of restaurants from which you can pick, you can always grab some street or chain fast-food. When it comes to drinks, you should go for the local brews and spirits as they are the most affordable option. If you are on an extended trip to Romania, eating and drinking out every night can get expensive. In this case, try buying food and drinks from supermarkets, as the price is fifty percent lower than in cafes and restaurants.

Because traveling does not only mean transportation, accommodation and food, but primarily tours and sights, here’s an extra tip:

Hop on a low budget tour — the best solution for discovering as many places as possible without drying out your wallet. Opting for a guided tour can save you a lot of money and time. Let the tour agencies plan everything out for you and you just sit back and enjoy. You should know that through low budget tours you can have many benefits like low entrance fees, guiding services, excellent transport conditions and included meals, as travel agencies have a lot of connections and through them you can feel like VIP although on a low budget.

What are you waiting for? Book your flight and call the agency! You don’t need to save up and you’re welcome anytime!

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