Blue Sky

My General Ideas:
Below are some of the ideas that came from my personal brainstorming session. I kept in mind a theme that I’m interested in, which is educational/engaging snacks.

New Warm-Up Game:
For my warm up game, I used a word association strategy. To do this, I used the app “heads up” to come up with random words, and then had the group go in a circle making a phrase with the word. This created a chain reaction, starting us with one subject, and getting us to a completely different one by the end. For example, one of the words was high, and this was the chain the team created: high chair, chair legs, leg warmer, etc. It was a good kick off the the session and it got our creative juices flowing. Below is a picture with an example of one of the chains that we created.

Session Organization:
For the session I accumulated a group of 4 different people. As 3 of them asked not to be photographed on a public blog, I decided to get everyone’s information and took photos of their ideas instead of their faces. Below is a short summary of the people that participated in my session.

Names: Tia, Madison, Nicholas, Erica
Majors: Physiology, Actuarial Science,Chemistry, Kinesiology
Ages: 21, 22, 21, 20
Favorite Snack: Lunchables, Cereal, Doritos, Apples

We conducted the session in a study room in my apartment complex. I chose this area because it had a circular table and is a colorful, creative space. For the warm-up games, we used my new game as well as word ball, the game from class. This helped get everyone comfortable and ready for the session. The rounds were 15 minutes each, making the entire session 30 minutes. Throughout these two fifteen minute sessions, the group generated 27 ideas.

Sorting and Voting:
After we conducted the sessions we sorted all of the ideas into categories without initially naming them.

Then, we added category titles to each.

Next, each participant was given 2 green stickers to place on their two favorite ideas that were generated during the session. I found it interesting that there was only one idea that had multiple stickers.

1st Session Top Ideas:
Below are my 10 favorite ideas generated in the session. Idea credit is as follows:
-Tia: Connect 4 w/ crackers, Glow in the dark gold fish
-Madison: Edible Napkins
-Nick: Teddy Bear Lunch Box
-Erica: Fish Bowl Soup Bowl, Briefcase Lunch Box
-Me: Mr./Mrs. Potato Head, 50 States Pretzels, Hungry Hungry Hippos Cereal Bowl, Scrabble Crackers


“How Might We” Statement:
How might we make snacking a multi-tasking activity?

My HMW Ideas:
Below is a photo of my HMW list from my notebook.

Session Results:
The HMW Statement used in the second session was “how might we make snack time more engaging?”.

Complete Idea Generation

The same group was used and we used the character role play technique as well. For these characters we selected Spiderman, Harry Potter, Stewie Griffin and Mulan. This was a fun approach, and the group came up with very unique ideas when we did it.

Idea generation using the character role play method

One thing that I found very interesting in this session was that two people thought of the same idea at the exact same time at one point. It was fun to read into their train of thought and figure out what made them come to the same conclusion simultaneously.

2nd Session Top Ideas:
Below are the top 5 ideas generated from the second session.

Photo Credit: Nick
Photo Credit: Tia
Photo Credit: Madison
Photo Credit: Tia
Photo Credit: Me