Compound’s COMP token distribution incentives are insane. Deposits and Borrowings in Compound have already risen by 15% as of June16, 2020.

My opinion is based on the following article, so one needs to read that first to understand the incentives provided by the COMP token

“COMP Distribution Design Will Incentivize Phantom Growth and Open Pandora’s Box” by Henry He

Below is my opinion and an attempt at a prediction for the fun of it

With such incentives, it looks like Compound will become a Gravity Well.

So, what will competitors do? Mostly adapt and offer similar incentives.

Which will…


  1. Abstract
  2. Plasma
    . The Plasma Blockchain
    . Plasma Proof of Stake
    . Tree of Blockchains
    . Web of Blockchains
    . Economic Incentives
    . Scalability
  3. Plasma Operations
    . Fraud Proofs
    . Deposits
    . Transactions
    . Withdrawals
    . Mass Withdrawals
    . Root Chain Commitments
  4. Plasma & Payment Channels
  5. Example Applications
  6. Attacks, Risks, and Mitigations
  7. Related Work
  8. Future Research
  9. Conclusion and Summary
  10. References


Plasma is a framework for layer 2 blockchains, based on fraud proofs which are enforced on the layer 1 blockchain, which in this case is Ethereum. The Plasma framework is not a precise specification but rather a layout.

In a…

Does OmiseGO have the potential to partner with the likes of Alibaba

The following is my view of Alibaba’s Tech and speculation of how OmiseGO has a chance of fitting in.

Alibaba uses an internally built powerful trading platform called TMF. Some points about it are

  • It has the entire stack of techologies to support various types of ecommerce operations like order placement, product stock management, warehousing, logistics, delivery, payments, customer support bots, product sourcing, quality control, etc. IT IS TO BE NOTED THAT PAYMENTS IS ONLY ONE ASPECT OF IT.
  • It integrates various affiliate tech like AI based ads, AI based sourcing of information from social media, games, VR et al…

A Simple Policy based Fund Distribution Logic for charities like GiveDirectly using OmiseGO

There are three types of participants here

1. Donors making donations continuously from their donor accounts in a currency of their choice (eg. USD, ETH, BTC, etc.)

2. Charity receiving donations from donors continuously in their distribution account in a chosen currency(eg. Stable coin like DAI, etc.)

3. Recipients receiving from the charity at small intervals in their recepient accounts in a currency of their choice (eg. ETH, BTC, etc.)

The OMG DEX makes it possible for donors to donate in any currency and recepients to receive in any preferred currency.

So, many donors send to the charity(one distribution account)…

Visual Design of the OmiseGO White Label Wallet and it’s Clever Proposal

Reading the White Label Wallet section of the OmiseGO white paper, I’ve converted my understanding into a visual design. Please zoom in to read the labels in the image.

The inferences I gathered from this design struck me as quite clever and is as follows

  1. EWallet payment providers(EPP) have wallet licenses and can issue Fiat with certified limits. EPP examples are Alipay, Stripe, PayPal, PayTM, etc. (many banks also provide ewallet services)
  2. Using the Admin Panel, the EPPs can issue Fiat, Loyalty Points, Crypto Tokens, etc. Using the wallet SDK, front end services like e-commerce websites, custom EPP wallets, crypto…


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