So Long, Apple.
Mister G

While I understand the desire to break out of the box (I had a laggy mouse/bluetooth problem on my MBP that once drove me to the same) I’ll be curious to see if you are saying the same things in a year’s time.

I had switched, but I found multi-monitor support particularly problematic. Windows can’t effectively run two monitors with differing DPIs, and can’t properly handle wide gamut screens worth a damn.

Then you get into Windows networking and other plumbing — why does moving the printer from one port to another cause it to endlessly reinstall printer drivers?! arg! — I was spending so much time when I switched to Windows, just fiddling with the apps and the system, that I switched back to OSX QUICK! With OSX I don’t feel like I have to fiddle with the system much, and that’s great for me.

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