Apps violate the Android Advertising Id policy

Since yesterday several developers have been getting the following issue with their applications on Google Store even though they do not collect any sensitive data or display ads to users :

Reason for warning: Violation of Usage of Android Advertising ID policy and section 4.8 of the Developer Distribution Agreement

The reason why this warning is likely to occur is that developers integrated Crashlytics SDK in their apps. In fact, the SDK sends the Android Ad Id to their servers which is no longer allowed by the GDPR. This Id was primarily collected and submitted for Mobile App Conversion Tracking and Audience Insights (both of which are now deprecated features)
To fix this issue you have to upgrade to version 2.9.3 and higher.

Therefore, Crashlytics SDK only monitors the Android Ad Id to see if it changes in order to update its 64 bit [UUID.] (

Moreover, to validate an app on the store another action is required, which is to add a privacy policy on the store listing as well as on the app. I came across these links which may provide help:

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Usage of Android Advertising ID

Developer Distribution Agreement

Developer Program Policies