Why I’m Jelly of My Friend’s Boring Job

It was a dark and cozy night (not stormy at all).

I was glued to my friend’s couch, exhausted after a long day of working and parenting but enjoying a frozen acai bowl with two of my closest friends.

For context, the three of us have been a bit of a squad for the past few years. We sneak out at night once the kids’ heads hit the pillow for some serious girl time. Sometimes it’s just dinner and other times a more serious day at the spa where we allow ourselves to ditch work and family for a solid few hours. We’re all busy working mothers, with an average of 3.5 kids each, but adamant that girls (even with kids and work) are still allowed to have fun.

So here’s what you need to know about my friends.

Esther, whose house we had planted ourselves in, was an ‘intrapreneur’. She was hired by someone to bring an innovative, ambitious vision to life and is leading a team doing incredible work building something from the ground up . She’s basically an entrepreneur; only she gets a paycheck. In other words, it’s easy to hate her.

My other friend, Sara, is an employee, a cog in the wheel of a corporate giant doing the tedious work that I’m awful at. She has an emotionally un-intelligent manager, is confined to a cubicle, and clocks in and out.

Her job is pretty much my worst nightmare.

Here’s the thing though; Sara had the most fun that night.

While Rachel and I tried but failed, Sara was actually able to kick back and really relax.

The two of us were stuck in an endless loop of checking email, fielding phone calls and worrying about the next day’s hurdles. Despite having made the effort to gather for a fun girls night in, we weren’t having much fun.

In that very moment, the two entrepreneurs with the glamorous careers felt insanely jealous of our friend.

Sure, our lives had the glory, the excitement, and the passion we’d always hoped for.

But Sara, boring job that chained her to a desk and all, was able to let go at the end of the day.

And we wondered if that made her path the better one.