They are planning to install 150 industrial wind turbines in a pristine but economically challenged…
Scott Annan

Hello Scott

I applaud you for the courage it takes to approach this situation with an offer to participate wholeheartedly in an alternative to the industrial wind turbine deal that looks so attractive to those who haven’t done the thorough research on industrial wind turbines and the wind companies’ tactics.

Acknowledging the economic reality that remote regions in Ontario all face, because of decreased funding is essential to the dialogue you’re hoping to have. This difficult fiscal reality, combined with the financial desperation of landowners is precisely what has set the stage for these companies to move in and destroy the pristine beauty and deep silence that your region has always been known for.

From direct experience, I can tell you that if the decision is made to let the wind companies into your community, your lives will never be the same.

In my community, the goal of victims is to have turbines turned off and dismantled. The challenge is enormous, but our rage propels us every day.

You obviously have already done research on this. There is so much information being published by people who are clearly victims of industrial wind turbines, that these companies are now desperate.

Your region has been described to me, by people who have been there, with such profundity that it is at the top of my list of places I want to go to. I’ve travelled near it many, many times en route to Ottawa, but have never had time to explore.

After knowing what I now know about the wind industry, about the IPCC computer modelled data which is steadily being proven wrong and about how alarmism was used/is being used to frighten us into thinking that turning rural regions around the world into industrial zones is a dire necessity in order to ‘save the planet’, I cannot look at turbines anywhere without my thoughts being flooded with this sort of information.

I would be so disappointed to finally get there someday and see turbines!

Your vision for Addington-Highlands is not only possible, but the process of bringing your community together to make it happen, could inspire people to their creative limits as they go about protecting the natural beauty of your part of Canada. People like you are the real leaders.

I sincerely hope that your letter attracts to you the kind of support it would take to achieve your goals.