John, thank you for this clear, concise and in my opinion… after having direct experience and…
Pauli Sommer

I’m also an educator. So my inclination is to approach the experience of having had turbines sited around my ‘sanctuary’/home, with the spirit of using my communication skills to honestly convey to all levels of government who are responsible for this incredible imposition, giving them an opportunity to realize how harmful this situation is.

As you have said, people who are being forced to live in close proximity to these turbines are being used as subjects of an experiment. In my case, this involves my whole precious family, my friends and neighbours because the turbines surround our entire river valley neighbourhood.

I’ve been literally begging those who are responsible for this situation for compassion.

I’ve described in full detail the horrible impact of having what was an idyllic natural rural soundscape, turned into an industrialized zone, where the sounds are sometimes so disorienting that it feels like I am not on earth. In fact, it is difficult sometimes for me to walk from my house to my gardens because I feel unstable walking because of the disorientation.

I was in excellent health prior to the turbines being turned on.

Despite all of my efforts to communicate with those who are responsible at all levels of government, this situation persists.

The lack of ethics in this situation is beyond anything I’ve ever experienced.