Over the past 7 years or so, I have experienced a considerable amount of stress as a result of…
J. Benham Clements

I’m so grateful for your thoughtful response, John.

From your own direct experience with a different situation altogether, you can understand the dynamics at play in our attempts to invoke common sense.

I am well aware of the advances being made in Australia and most recently in Ireland with scientists coming out in support of people who experience the advserse health impacts from industrial wind turbines that are being placed too close to so many peoples’ homes.

I started a support group several months ago for my neighbours who are being affected by the turbines in our community. Compassion is the core value of this growing group. Together we are working to communicate our ‘on the ground reality’ to all who are responsible in the hope that these turbines will be, at the very least, turned off. Despite enormous efforts on the part of people who are in serious distress, the turbines keep running after 6 months of consistent efforts. We’re determined to use proper protocol.

I am aware of all of the issues you’ve touched on in your writing. Efforts are being made relentlessly to bring about a breakthrough in this situation here in rural Ontario. Every facet of this situation is being addressed by people who have the expertise to handle the pertinent information and yet we are currently being threatened with an expansion of the wind industry’s incursions…bigger turbines..closer to people’s homes.

We’ve even addressed the human rights violation through the courts and have recently, had an appeal denied. The plaintiff of this case was being defended by one of, if not the best Human Rights lawyer in this country.It would have been a precedent setting breakthrough. So, we now know that the judicial system is in on the agenda to make rural regions unsafe for human habitation.

When I read your piece, it occurred to me that this issue; this intransigence; these atrocities, need to be the focus of a body of people whose mission it is to bring the conversation of industrial wind turbines as a climate change mitigation effort, to a scientific, ethical and spiritual level of clarity that would force the realization that collectively we can do better.