You have made a cool site with html, CSS & JavaScript, and you have seen how easy it is to host on Netlify. And you have done that too. But there is a slight little issue. Your website showing these ugly .html extension at the end of your URL.

If you are a front-end developer or a beginner in web development and want to learn about REST API this post is for you. I am going to use NodeJS and Express to demonstrate how to work with REST API. I have a tutorial on how to setup a NodeJS…

Often times you want to secure the routes of your sites to keep your user’s data and sensitive information protected. In this sort of scenario jsonwebtoken or commonly known as JWT comes in handy.

Think of JWT as your pass in a convention or an event where you fill up…

Assuming you already know basic NodeJS and how to work with REST API let’s add one more thing to your development skill sets. Which encrypting user password with bcrypt.

bcrypt is a very popular NodeJS library to securely save your site’s user password. …

In this tutorial we are going to upload images in MongoDB with NodeJS and React. And we are going to use Cloudinary to store the images.

Setup a Cloudinary Account if you don’t have one already. It’s free. Locate the “API Base URL” in your Dashboard. And then locate “Upload…

Now open your terminal or CMD or PowerShell and check the node and npm version.

To check node version Type.

node -v

To check npm version Type.

npm -v

If you get a version number in return which will…

Towfiqul Islam

Full Stack Web Developer from Dhaka, Bangladesh.

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