And this is how it ends

Stolen moments, one or two-second glances are never enough for a needing heart. In another life maybe we’re together.. or maybe not at all. But at least I made us exist in my head with no limits and no boundaries.

Just us probably doing the things we can’t do, doing the things only our favorite songs knew. A love to share in broad daylight or under a starry night sky. Imagining what we could’ve been or how far we’ll be going.

In every way you’ve been asking me out, deep inside I can confirm affirmative. But I am a great liar. I shook my head and returned a smile. I say no every time. I say “I can’t” every fucking time.

Sure, we can get close but the saddest thing is we can never get closer than that.

You are on your own and I am on my own. And we can only feel for each other that way until we cross each other’s paths.

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