Sometimes the hallowed grounds of better community engagement doesn’t come without the murky waters of vested interests and organised lobby groups rallying to swing numbers.

This recently happened to one of our customers, an association representing parents of school-aged children, who ran a question about religion in schools.

Their mission…


The visualisation of information in elegant ways was made famous last century by American statistician and political scientist, Edward Tufte.

Fast forward to today and infographics are shared twice as often as other social media posts.

The following guide explains how to extract public opinion insights around contemporary issues…

Interview with townhall founder, by Alix de Noray

Keren Flavell, founder and CEO of townhall app, gives the lowdown about her startup and the outlook for 2016. Looks like it’s going to be a turnaround year of success!

It’s clear that long surveys are an old-fashioned thing of the past; more for torture than for true engagement. In order to combat survey fatigue, by making it fast and easy for participants, Keren Flavell launched the first version of townhall app

townhall app

Empowering the collective voice through real-time, data-driven polling.

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