2016 Is The Year For Townhall’s Simple Surveys

Interview with townhall founder, by Alix de Noray

Keren Flavell, founder and CEO of townhall app, gives the lowdown about her startup and the outlook for 2016. Looks like it’s going to be a turnaround year of success!

It’s clear that long surveys are an old-fashioned thing of the past; more for torture than for true engagement. In order to combat survey fatigue, by making it fast and easy for participants, Keren Flavell launched the first version of townhall app in January 2013. But what is it all about?

“At it’s heart”, she says, “townhall is an online tool to capture realtime opinions from stakeholders. It was designed to increase responses to government consultations, after we kept hearing there were very low engagement rates.

Townhall has since been used by local and state governments, community groups, sports teams and small businesses, as a way to connect, listen and learn from their target audiences, to build loyalty, participation and insights”.

So, it’s been three years now, and the show goes on. The product has improved day after day, and 2016 will be the breakthrough year.

“Although the SAAS (software as a service) product has always been our focus, we are now working on an add-on service creating syndicated and custom reports for customers. This means we are partnering with media agencies to reach large audiences, capture opinions, then prepare detailed reports from the results”, Keren explains.

“As part of this offering we are about to release the embeddable app, which allows all our customers to add townhall questions to their own websites using iframes.

The changes for townhall are about helping customers kick goals with their online consultations and the product continues to evolve based on the needs of the early adopters who continue to pioneer the use of the tool.

“Typically new technology takes advantage of some kind of shift in how people do things”, Keren says. “The huge uptake of connected devices, social media and great interface design has removed the friction experienced in having lots of people participate in decisions and to affect the world around them”.

This “Have your say” movement is growing day by day, tweet upon tweet, post after post. And townhall grows along with it.

“Townhall used to be a Facebook app only. It’s now mobile responsive and integrates with multiple social networks. It has a very easy to use dashboard for asking questions and viewing results”, Keren explains.

Therefore, it is an ideal way to collect opinions without bothering people with an endless long survey they’re unlikely to finish anyway.

“We’ve systematically removed the obstacles to engagement, making it much more likely our customers will get the results they need with their online consultations”, Keren points out.

This way, townhall philosophy of life can be summarized in a few words:
We believe that many more people will have a far greater say in decisions that affect them. We’re helping to make that happen.

We couldn’t let Keren go without asking her THE traditional January question: What can we expect from townhall in 2016?

She answered, “There’s lots in store for our customers this year. We hope to continue to develop features and improve the user experience based on feedback from our users. Townhall is at that really fertile stage where you can get lots of attentive customer service and first class hand-holding because we owe our future success to our early adopters”.

“This is why 2016 is definitely the year to give townhall a try”, Keren concludes.

Alix and Keren work for Townhall App, an online survey tool designed for busy people.

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