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I know, I feel you. Happy Birthday

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Some people look towards horoscopes to find possible answers to why they behave the way they do, others use it to find possible compatibility in relationships, or to know what good or bad fortunes are to come their way. The belief in the zodiac stemmed from early astrologists relating the movement patterns in the heavens to what’s happening down in Earth. This “movement in the heavens” per se was later disproved given that the earth is actually the one that rotates and moves around the sun while the other heavenly bodies like stars — although they move as well, do not constitute to majority of the movement in our earthly vantage point. Although there is no solid evidence of how constellations relate to one’s fortunes, there is some truth to how the sun and other heavenly bodies closer to earth have affected the denizens of earth, specifically the earth’s seasons. …

The dangers of traditional medicine, and why people like Dr. Farrah Agustin-Bunch are a danger to public health

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When I was a child in the Philippines, I was hit by a viral ailment and they sent me to this person who is called a Manghihilot. A manghihilot practices the traditional healing art of Hilot, which utilizes any combination of chiropractic-like manipulations, massages, oils, herbs, and prayers. The Manghihilot’s place was packed. People showed up in droves and in long lines waiting for their turn to be “healed”. In our case, the Manghihilot was a female in her 60s, she was what other cultures would call a “witch doctor”. …

And not Filipinx

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Illustration of Lapu Lapu Wielding a Panabas Blade while the backgrounds shows the old flags of the Spanish Empire, the United States, the Japanese Empire, as well as an unnamed flag to the right, all surrounding the Philippine Sun. Illustration by Artist Introgressive

Recently, in an Instagram story, my buddy and I got labelled as Filipinx. It went a little like this, “karaoke with my filipinx friends”.

I saw the post when I got home, so I replied with a, “???”,

I was thinking it could be a typo, but I was still curious nonetheless, so I asked,

“what’s filipinx?”

“it’s a gender neutral term.”, the person said.

“since when?” ..was what I wanted to say,

instead I went with “I see.”

October is Filipino Heritage month in the U.S. It celebrates the long, intertwined and sometimes tumultuous history of Filipinos and Americans. Filipinos — through the Spaniards — have already been living in north american soil tending to farms as far as Louisiana even before the Americans brought the “Manong generation”, Filipino houseboys, and the Filipino nurses into the fold. …

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