Create Your Perfect Life

It was around 11am when my son called.

(He is halfway between 16 and 17 and was just starting his day.)

As usual, I asked about school…

(Was he going today?)

and work…

(Had he applied anywhere?)

and his allergies which were in full swing.

(He felt and sounded awful)

‘Did you pick up some Claritin yesterday?’ I asked.

(He lost the bottle of Claritin I gave him last week.)

_____‘No I forgot’ he replied.

‘How about school? Did you get in touch with the dean?’ I asked.

(He is trying to get into a GED prep program to avoid arrest for truancy.)

_____‘No’ he answered.

‘What’s your plan for today?’ I asked hopefully.

_____‘I am going to get some Claritin and call the school’ was his response.

Hmmmmmm’ was all I could muster.

(This is what parents say when all that comes to mind is ‘Are you F’ing kidding me?’)

I asked if I could share something I would say if he were a client of mine.

_____Sure.’ He said.

‘Remember when you told me a couple of weeks ago you realized you had the power to create your life exactly as you wanted it to be?’

_____Yeah’ He responded.

‘Would you like to know the secret to making that happen?’

_____Yeah’ He answered with slightly more enthusiasm.

‘A long time ago, I learned if I wake up with a clear idea of what I want to accomplish that day, I have a much better chance of making those things happen. Does that make sense?’

_____‘Sure’ He replied again.

‘And do you know how I make sure I have clear idea of what I want to accomplish that day?’

_____ How do you do that?’

I make a list of exactly what I want to accomplish the night before. That way, whenever I wake up, I have a plan for the day. You know what else?

_____What else?

‘Having a list of what I am going to do before I go to bed helps me sleep better and I wake up motivated for what lies ahead versus trying to figure it out as I go. What do you think about that?’

_____‘That’s pretty cool… I think I’ll try that.’

‘I love you son!’

_____’I love you too papa!’