We’ve asked our Century Riders to share their best tips, tricks, and favorite spots for cycling. Next up: long-time rider and Canalway Coalition board member Roseanne Deucher!

Roseanne Deucher with fellow cyclist Ernie Pouttu during the 2019 Huntington Towpath Century Ride.

As the Ohio & Erie Canal Towpath Trail grows in length (90 miles and counting!), we’re seeing more and more individuals, families with young kids, and friends out cycling throughout the National Heritage Area. But what does it take to travel 30 miles along the Towpath? What about 50, or even 101 — the full length of the Towpath Trail when completed?

Roseanne Deucher has learned what it takes, and certainly has the cycling resume to back it up! Roseanne is not only a seasoned Huntington Towpath Century rider, having participated in the fundraising event for more than five years…

Century Riders Lloyd MacAdam and Patti Himmel at the Aqueduct Bridge during the 2018 Huntington Towpath Century Ride.

This year, the Ohio & Erie Canalway Coalition, partners, sponsors, volunteers, and riders are celebrating a decade of Towpath Century Rides along the Ohio & Erie Canalway National Heritage Area! Registration is officially open for this year’s ride, which features special opportunities for our riders.

The Huntington Towpath Century Ride offers participants a unique experience to see the entire length of the Ohio & Erie Canalway National Heritage Area, while raising money to benefit the continued development of the Towpath Trail. Bicyclists travel 101-miles in either one or two days in a fully supported ride. …

In March 2018, a $15,000 donation was made by the charitable trust of Raymond and Janice Bland to the Ohio & Erie Canal Towpath Trail endowment fund. In this story, learn more about Raymond and Janice Bland, and the significance of this donation to their family and the Ohio & Erie Canalway National Heritage Area.

To ensure the continued development, maintenance and activation of the Ohio & Erie Canalway Towpath Trail for future generations, please consider a donation to the Ohio & Erie Canal Towpath Trail Endowment Fund by visiting our website.

Raymond and Janice Bland. Photo courtesy of the Bland Family.

Raymond and Janice Bland loved exploring the canals…

The Ohio & Erie Canalway Coalition could not succeed in our mission to protect, preserve, develop and enhance our historical, natural, and recreational resources along the Ohio & Erie Canal without the generous support from our talented partners and volunteers.

Lisa and her husband, Trevor at the Trash ’N’ Treat Canal Cleanup

A shining example of this support comes from Lisa Curll, Senior Business Performance Analyst in Facilities Management at Dominion Energy and Ohio & Erie Canalway Coalition Associate Board member. In addition to her formal role, she has earned a reputation as a leader and catalyst for change, both within the company and within the community.

Lisa is a passionate environmental…

Ohio Erie Canalway Coalition

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