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The act of voting is a statement of preference, not one of endorsement. The mythical candidate that you’d like to send to DC is not on the ballot (and couldn’t carry a single county in Alabama, if she were).

If you truly don’t care whether Roy Moore or Doug Jones represents Alabama, then your non-vote is correct. It’s morally bankrupt, but that’s for you to live with.

If you have even the slightest belief that Alabama and the US would be better off with a less-than-perfect moderate Democrat in the seat than with a vile anti-Muslim, anti-black, theocratic disgraced judge who “dated” teenagers with regularity… then you need to do the right thing.

One of these men is going to Washington; there are no other options on the table. If you don’t do what you can to put the left-most viable candidate forward, then you are no better than the thousands of Alabama bigots who are thrilled to go vote Moore.

Hundreds of people fought and many died in Alabama to protect the right of all people to vote. You are free to choose to deny yourself that right, but in doing so, you are aligning yourself with the bigots who believe that Alabama’s best days were when people could be owned and only white male landholders had the ability to choose their leaders.

That may not be who you think you are today, but that is who you will become on Tuesday. Sleep well, while you still can.