Poison Ivy
Jun 20 · 1 min read

It unceasingly baffles me how white, cishet women can have endless empathy for other cishet women’s unwillingness to take abuse victims at face value, and so little for abuse victims who are fucking angry and not interested in giving lip service to the people who erase and silence us anymore.

And that’s why I avoid spending time with them as much as possible now, both online and off.

Their need to be “nice” and my need to stand my ground when people are being entitled and harmful will never mesh. And quite frankly, I think they’re wrong to forgive and let acts of oppression slide so easily.

I’m beyond done with respectability politics. They cling to respectability like barnacles, mindlessly, tenaciously. No matter how much the rest of us say they’re harming us.

I have better things to worry about than whether cishet women think I’m “nice”. In fact, no: I’m not nice to entitled, privileged people who thoughtlessly harm and gaslight others because they don’t want to believe their fave is, in fact, an abusive sack of shit. Why would I be? Why are you?

Rhetorical question. I can’t honestly say I care.

    Poison Ivy

    Written by

    It’s back! And badder than ever. 😘 Agender & queer. It/its or they/them. CSA survivor with C-PTSD. Here to make points, not friends m. Keep your cliques. 🙄

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