“I’m sorry”

Me too

“I’m so sorry”

Me too

For all the things

“I’m sorry”

can’t save

I wish it were easier to undo claps on comments on this silly app.

Based on this, I think it’s clear you look like an asshat. Therefore, as far as I’m concerned, your pronoun is now “asshat”. 🤗

Only if you like not hurting other people out of a preference for personal laziness, of course.

As an it/they, I strongly suggest you get over yourself.

The slit between my legs

is not the whole of me

It never was

It never could be

And yet it is all you think of

All you see

You reduce me to nothing

The body I never wanted

looming over me

in your words your looks your touch

Suffocates me like a shroud

forced over the rictus

of my empty endless cries

It unceasingly baffles me how white, cishet women can have endless empathy for other cishet women’s unwillingness to take abuse victims at face value, and so little for abuse victims who are fucking angry and not interested in giving lip service to the people who erase and silence us anymore.

I wish there were a way to see primarily stories non-members CAN read on my home page here, instead of being inundated with members-only content I can’t access.

Most of the non-member stories that are suggested for me are several years old.

I must admit, I feel like Medium is barely trying as a platform anymore. And I must also admit that I get more than a little bit of schadenfreude from noticing that, given the myriad bigots Medium happily provides with soapboxes.

Tl;dr: Unless you’re willing to pay for content, Medium seems nigh-unusable now. How perplexing and amusing.

I can’t imagine how they think they’ll gain new members by refusing to let non-members see the best content on the site. But maybe it’s better that way.

My main objective with this new account is to follow ALL. THE. TRANS. QUEERS. 😆

If you are one and I’m not following you yet – HIIIIIIIII!!! May a fellow tran follow you, please & thank you kindly! 🤗

Poison Ivy

Agender queer. It/they/she. CSA survivor w/ CPTSD, BPD, OCD (BFRB), OSDD-1b & comorbidities. Here to learn, share & better understand.

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