10 of the best northern foods to try

Being a northerner, I am too fond of the many times I have approached someone from the midlands or the south and talked about my favourite foods while seeing their faces turn (in disgust!) to then hear them talk about their ‘not very expensive’ meals they buy for (to a northerner- indecent amount of money)

For the southerners/midlanders, here is a list of the TOP 10 foods I have found to be of interest to typical up-north people! (sources underneath)

10. pot noodle sandwich

Ok so I don’t really understand whether or not this is a pretty northern thing, but yet when I tell people from the midlands or the south about this delicious snack, they seem to move further away from me than before! But it is delicious! If soup belongs with bread, why not that pot noodle you have in your cupboard? Taste before waste!

also: try chicken and mushroom, as this is the best combination with medium white bread

source: me and my friends/family

9. Scollop butty

This is the weirdest thing I have ever heard of too, but this apparently delicious chip shop food has been on the rise! Its not just chips on a t-cake/bap/balm, but the chips have also been battered, before being fried! This is most commonly known in the infamous Yorkshire dales

also: try tomato and mayonnaise sauce mixed on this butty

source: Buzzfeed and a Yorksherian friend

8. Chips and curry sauce

I have to agree with the southerners I know and love on this one, it sounds like a terrible concoction! Curry on chips? We don’t just use asda’s smart price or Mccain’s chips, we go down to our local chippy with £2.50 in our Back-pocket on a Friday night! This is a classic dish up north which everyone has grown to love!

also try: Chips and a jumbo sausage lathered in curry sauce

source: Back in Donny; top 10 northern foods

7: Bury black pudding

It sounds grim, but is a beautiful food to have alongside a traditional English breakfast. Bury black pudding consists of the blood and fat remains from the classic farm animal; the pig. Don’t knock it before you try it

also try: Bury Black pudding alongside bacon and sausages, with baked beans

source: wow247- food specialities Manchester

6: Fish and chips (Blackpool)

Fish and chips are a common traditional English dish, which you can get almost anywhere! However, I have noticed that Blackpool have seemingly the most fish and chip cafes, and are the best place to get this wonderful meal by the sea side, definitely in their prime! Ask any northerner, and they will also tell you that the meal is best served with mushy peas!

also try: fish and chips in gravy


5:Cheesy chips on pitta

I never heard of this before, well the pitta part! Cheesy chips are famous for a standard night out with my friends, yet this seemingly interesting dish comes from the Strangetown of Hull! This is a must have for any Saturday night out! cheesy pitta and booze- yum!

also try: Cheesy chips on pitta with mayonnaise

source: Known friend

4: Scouse

A Liverpool-derived stew, consisting of lamb or beef, more popular on a Sunday night but can be perfect for any occasion! I’m guessing the sailors eat it when they’re pretty chilly, so this could be a popular Autumn/Winter dish! Who knows? A must-have if we’re on sea, anyway!

also try: scouse and sauce- preferrably tomato


3: Eccles cake

yes, you may have these in your local supermarkets, Midlanders and Southerners, but we have these in nearly every cake shop around! flaky pastry, butter and currants topped with demerara sugar, a simple yet lovely Lancashire luxury!

also try: eccles cake with jam/strawberry sauce

sourde: Bbc food

2: Lancashire hotpot

What a classic from my home county! Lancashire hotpot is definitely the best northern dish I have ever tried. In childhood, this was always delivered on special occasions or when we ‘deserved’ a- and I quote- ‘treat’. Made from slow-cooked lamb and kidney

also try: Lancashire hotpot smothered in gravy, accompanied by home made chips


1: Butter pie

Here I have saved the best until last! This is the most amazing pastry I have ever had; beautifully baked butter pie! Yum, consisting of onions and potatoes, and almost obviously butter! A must eat if you are ever to travel to Yorkshire or Lancashire

also try: Butter pie on t-cake

source: me, myself and I.

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