How to dress for university (girls)

Every future uni student has been there; what will I wear today? Will people like my outfit? Should I really buy new clothes? In my experience so far, I have tried many new and old items of clothing on, but its not just about clothing, its about hair, piercings, tattoos, and so much more! Here I have produced a list of the many ways you can plan your next outfit for university!

1: Consider your size

I know this may seem quite patronizing, but trust me, people are going to be quick to judge whether or not they would like to be your friend by how you look, and having clothes that fit you is one thing people look for. You want to feel comfortable in what you wear, you don’t necessarily need to be wearing clothes way too small or big for you when you are sitting in at least a 2 hour lecture

2: Consider the weather

Now this sounds quite obvious and so much like common sense, but there have been many times when it has been raining and I have been heading towards wearing a crop top or dungaree skirt. Probably not the best idea for bad weather! Also, you need to consider the temperature of the university room though, as you do not want to be wearing a knitted jumper when the lecture room is sweltering with heat.

personal advice: for rainy weather in spring/ summer, consider buying an anorak, one that is easy to store, as you can put this over almost any outfit and keep yourself dry. Also, take a hoodie even if it’s sunny, as lecture rooms may have air conditioning which severely decreases the temperature.

3: Go you

University could possibly be the best time to try out new looks and to finally find yourself, and what better than to buy some new outfits and mix and match new and old items. Get them shoes you thought you would always be judged for, get that new piercing everyone said was terrible, that hair style people said you wouldn’t suit, as university life is so diverse and no matter what, you are bound to fit in!

4: You don’t need to plan

The many times now that I have seen people wearing over sized tops and jeans, and look like they have just gotten out of bed is truly uncountable. Seriously, there is no need at all to try and plan every single outfit you will ever wear. I’m not saying that you do need to do this however, you may look smart and representable if you want to. This may sound like it contradicts point 1, but by point 1 I meant baggy jeans which don’t fit you etc.

5: Make up isn’t key

Now, I know what you’re thinking about this, aren’t people going to judge me? Well, people judge everyone everyday! But, you need to ensure you won’t overheat for instance, maybe if you do, you sweat off any make up you wore, it all goes patchy? I don’t know, you can wear as much or as little make up as you want, but being natural shows people who you are beneath everything, however of course feel free to express yourself through make up, just ensure you are happy with it yourself.

6: Bad hair day

Many times already I have rocked up to university with uneven space buns and not even tried to rescue my hair, many times I haven’t washed it for like three days and gone to lectures. It just depends who you are as a person when it comes to how you wear your hair, but now is also the chance to test new styles, lengths and maybe even colours!

personal advice: buy dry shampoo for when you are having a bad day, and just don’t have time to wash your hair

7: Smells

Believe it or not, this is immediately important when it comes to self image; self worth and personal appearance. This is because a person’s smell also decides whether or not people choose to sit next to you. Make sure to shower every day, and ensure you have deodorant to hand, as you are going to sweat, and you may not smell it but other people will! Also, your breath can have an adverse effect. Smelly breath means less talking, you can’t smell it but we can.

Personal advice: Deodorant can also be a win-win in terms of making friends, as in bathrooms girls tend to ask others for deodorant, as well as chewing gums, don’t ask me why.

So here I have given the seven best ways to dress for uni, according to my knowledge, thanks for reading, and if you have any other advice let me know; I am also on Facebook!

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