To My White Friends on Facebook: Candace Owens is Not Your Checkmate Piece. I Promise.

Toya Haynes
4 min readJun 8, 2020

Isn’t it annoying when someone turns a Facebook post into a 1000 word essay?

That would be me. I am someone.

So that is why To My White Friends on Facebook is here on Medium. These words are still first and foremost for my Facebook friends. I’m just welcoming you in on the conversation.

To My White Friends on Facebook (and those who are reading this because it was shared by someone who just needed the words to say how they feel),

I’ve been trying my absolute best to not talk about Candace Owens. I want her to be as much of a non factor in my every day conversations as possible. On any given day, I’d much rather pour out a 5 gallon bag of multi-colored kitty litter, count each pebble one by own and separate them in order of color, weight, and size — twice. Not even kidding. But here I am, for the first and last time, giving you my thoughts on her rhetoric.

Positively for the most part, I’ve seen many of you denounce her views, particularly when they are brought up in your comment section: how she has brought up George Floyd’s past as if that was a justifiable reason for him to be viciously murdered by officers who swore to protect and serve; how she swears that black people are killed every day and no one seems to matter unless their killer is white; how systematic racism is a figment of imagination and other eyebrow raising views that have made many of those that are on the right very happy to have her on their side. But here’s my stance that I’d like to present to those of you that are secretly agreeing with her or maybe not so secretly agreeing with her (If you have posted in favor of her views and we are still Facebook friends, it’s because I unfollowed instead of unfriended you a long time ago and never saw it. That oughta tell you something): I really don’t care to go into all of the reasons why Candace Owens is wrong; I want to get into the reasons why you feel you need her to be right.

Does agreeing with Candace Owens absolve you of being racist? Because if you agree with another black person about what they believe about black people then that means you can’t be racist, right? Do her views on black women and abortion, how black on black crime…

Toya Haynes

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