Of Oranges and Bread

Well, this last weeks i have been busier than ever! Because I have been working on this new bioproject; it’s quite easy, we are trying to obtain the Saccharomyces cerevisiae that lives on the surface of orange peel, by fermentation process, let it work until fermentation allows it to isolate itself, and then we will use it to produce bread!

Sounds quite amazing right? I had some troubles at the start, because I can’t really find information on this isolation process… I can’t believe that it has not been documented; after all, using orange to obtain sourdough it’s not something new… Well, is the traditional process to follow.

Besides that, we have been using our biotechnology knowledge to push the results… Let’s see what we can get!

I will inform you as soon as we finish! If you have any interest in this, let me know!

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