Housing is a Human Right

Illustration: Becca Worsley

In England, one of the most common causes of homelessness is the loss or end of an Assured Short-hold Tenancy (AST). This project in no way means to belittle the plight of a rough sleeper, nor does it mean to exclude the difficulties all age groups face in finding secure housing. Rather, it intends to highlight a group who are often omitted from the statistics because we believe that as you get older things sort themselves out.

Younger generations, be it a blessing or a curse, have come to accept the price of living in a city like London. But for those who were once ‘protected’ by regulated tenancies, and before housing became just another painfully lucrative business, facing the insecurity of homelessness is all too real.

These are the voices of older renters in London.


Mary is 80 years old and has lived in rented accommodation in Kensington and Chelsea for 56 years. She has been a regulated tenant in her flat for 52 years.


Mark is 61 years old. He has lived in rented properties since moving to London in 1981. He’s been living in his current home as a regulated tenant since 1983.


Simone is 61 years old and has lived in her Camden flat for 35 years. She has a regulated rent.


Chris is 70 years old. After having to leave his regulated rental property he lived in various shorthold tenancy agreements before having to leave. He is currently sofa surfing between Golders Green and South End Green.

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