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Hey hey, people from planet earth simulation WH9! How are you hanging?

In this article, we are going to cover everything you need to know to get your hands on the NFT Genesis Toyos, Kytunt Island Collection — the badass digital action figures.

NFT Drop — Window Dates

Kytunt Island NFT Collection Drop starts on October 18th 5PM (GMT+4) and ends on October 25th 5PM (GMT+4).

Or if the supply of 3,000 seedboxes ends before October 25th.

Buy window will end even if the seedboxes are not sold out (!), making them even rarer for the ones who got it.

Plan ahead 🦾

NFT Drop Backstory

In a very distant future, in a simulation far, far away… in 2186, Westan Nakatoshi hides several seedboxes around the world; these boxes contain the essence of the First 9 — the Genesis Toyos that started everything.

Very few limited seedboxes have been reported as found in Kytunt Island.

The people from Kytunt Island are known for their bravery and warrior spirit. When the war came, Kytunt was one of the last regions to fall. Some say their warriors are still defending their land up until this day.

Watch it and learn about Toyo’s Backstory

Wallet and Blockchain

Toyo is running on Polygon Network (previously Matic), therefore you will buy the NFT seedboxes using Matic Tokens.

Matic gas fees are far lower compared with the ETH network.

For the wallet, you will log in using Metamask, as we believe this is the global standard and people are already familiar with this wallet.

Just make sure to set up a Polygon Network RPC on the Metamask settings and top it up with Matic Tokens for the day the drop window opens.

To know how to set up Polygon Network on Metamask and how to transfer tokens from Ethereum Network over to Polygon, watch this tutorial:

Kytunt SeedBox

~$150 (equivalence in Matic Token)
A Genesis Toyo is kept inside this seed box. No one really knows which Toyo is inside each Box.

Max supply: 2400

You will get:
1 Genesis Toyo (complete)
1 Magic Box — Seed Version*

Rarity Chances
Common Edition — 52%
Uncommon Edition — 32%
Rare Edition — 10%
Limited Edition — 4%
Collectors Edition — 1.5%
Prototype Edition — 0.5%

*Magic Box — Seed Version has a lifetime of 1 month and during this time it will give you additional items and extra body parts from time to time (lifetime will start counting after this mechanic is implemented on the game and if the box is opened).

Fortified Kytunt Box / 600 suply

~$500 (equivalence in Matic Token)
A Genesis Toyo is kept inside this seed box. People say that it guards an even rarer Toyo.

Max supply: 600

You will get:
1 Genesis Toyo (complete rare Toyo guaranteed)
1 Magic Box — Fortified Version*

Rarity Chances
Rare Edition — 72%
Limited Edition —20%
Collectors Edition — 5.5%
Prototype Edition — 2.5%

*Magic Box — Fortified Version has a lifetime of 3 months and during this time it will give you additional items and extra body parts from time to time (lifetime will start counting after this mechanic is implemented on the game and if the box is opened).


Every Toyo is a combination of 10 NFTs (learn more:

This means that in each seedbox, there is 1 fully assembled Toyo from the collection, which you will be able to separate all their body parts in a later stage, and either sell on our marketplace; use their body parts in other Toyos; or leave it as is.

There will be NO mixed body parts from different Toyos together in the same seedbox. For Example, if you receive the Samurai, all 10 body parts WILL BE from the Samurai.

Supply and Rarity

For this collection, it will be 3000 NFT Kytunt SeedBoxes in total, divided among 7 different Toyos.

Supply Per Rarity

Common Edition ~1250
Uncommon Edition ~750
Rare Edition ~350 (each)
Limited Edition ~225
Collectors Edition ~75
Prototype Edition ~25

Rarity does not necessarily define the strength of a Toyo, all Toyos can be enhanced and be badasses. Therefore, rarer Toyos have a few advantages, which are:

- Better earning rates in play-to-earn battles
- Less Heart-Bond loss in secondary sales
- Extra slots for attachments
- Stats boost in Unboxing Events (only for Genesis Toyo)
- Better chances to find rarer Toyos/body parts in Scavenger Missions

Unboxing Event

We are working on the unboxing event, where you will be able to meet with your Toyo(s).

In this event, there will be a mini-game. This mini-game will have a direct impact on the stats of your Toyo — the higher your score, the higher the initial base stats your Toyo will have.

Date TBA.

The unboxing event will look like something like this:

Benefits of Getting Early

  • NFT holders will be part of the IDO
  • Lower prices
  • Head start enhancing your Toyo’s stats before everyone else
  • Being part of pre-alpha
  • Genesis Toyos has no weakness against any type of attacks
  • Magic Seedboxes guaranteed

What is the First 9?

It is important to mention that we have planned 9 NFT drops. Each drop is composed of a completely different Toyo Collection.

In each drop, Toyos will have a different theme and look 😍 We can’t wait to get started showing them to you.

Secondary Market

While Toyo Marketplace is being developed, you will be able to use OpenSea ( for the secondary market.

Actions Against Whale and Bots

In respect to our community, we are taking some actions to avoid whales and bots during NFT Drop — window dates.


We will not have a whitelisting for this drop, it’ll work as first come, first served. Plan ahead 🦾

Keep an eye on our Discord/Twitter/Telegram links below 👀 to not be left out. #FOMOisReal

If you have any questions, drop it on our Discord Server: or Telegram Group:

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With all that being said, let’s gooooo 💥👊💥

Toyo Team




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