Next-Gen Action Figures NFT Drop — Toyo

NFT Drop — Window Dates

Kytunt Island NFT Collection Drop starts on October 18th 5PM (GMT+4) and ends on October 25th 5PM (GMT+4).

NFT Drop Backstory

In a very distant future, in a simulation far, far away… in 2186, Westan Nakatoshi hides several seedboxes around the world; these boxes contain the essence of the First 9 — the Genesis Toyos that started everything.

Watch it and learn about Toyo’s Backstory

Wallet and Blockchain

Kytunt SeedBox

Fortified Kytunt Box / 600 suply


Every Toyo is a combination of 10 NFTs (learn more:

Supply and Rarity

For this collection, it will be 3000 NFT Kytunt SeedBoxes in total, divided among 7 different Toyos.

Supply Per Rarity

Common Edition ~1250
Uncommon Edition ~750
Rare Edition ~350 (each)
Limited Edition ~225
Collectors Edition ~75
Prototype Edition ~25

Unboxing Event

We are working on the unboxing event, where you will be able to meet with your Toyo(s).

Benefits of Getting Early

  • NFT holders will be part of the IDO
  • Lower prices
  • Head start enhancing your Toyo’s stats before everyone else
  • Being part of pre-alpha
  • Genesis Toyos has no weakness against any type of attacks
  • Magic Seedboxes guaranteed

What is the First 9?

It is important to mention that we have planned 9 NFT drops. Each drop is composed of a completely different Toyo Collection.

Secondary Market

While Toyo Marketplace is being developed, you will be able to use OpenSea ( for the secondary market.

Actions Against Whale and Bots

In respect to our community, we are taking some actions to avoid whales and bots during NFT Drop — window dates.


We will not have a whitelisting for this drop, it’ll work as first come, first served. Plan ahead 🦾



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Toyo is an NFT game inspired by the action figures of our childhood. Join our Discord: