Macron vs. French Culture
Jean-Louis Gassée

I normally strongly agree with you, but I don’t see where your economic data is coming from. I’ve only been to France once, and am not an economist, but much of what you’re saying seems to contradict things I’ve read.

According to the numbers I’ve seen, the top 10% in France have over 60% of the total wealth — nearly as bad as the US. The French debt to GDP ratio is about the same as Canada, making it the 167th country in this ranking. I also think that Germany, which led the disastrous austerity movement in Europe, is hardly to be emulated: if everyone spends less, then everyone earns less, and the strongest economy in Europe had a responsibility to not beggar its neighbors. I also don’t know where you’re getting your prediction that France will soon have trouble borrowing money. Its government bonds are still selling at nearly the lowest yields in the country’s history.

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