5 Children’s Books that Every Entrepreneur Should Re-read

This morning I had the good fortune of listening to Marissa Mayer’s inspiring keynote speech at Bing Nursery School’s 50th Anniversary at Stanford.

Bing Nursery School, a part of Stanford’s Department of Humanities and Sciences, has been at the forefront of childhood education and psychology for the past 50 years. Bing has had a formative role not only in the lives of those children fortunate enough to attend it, but also childhood education worldwide. For instance, the importance of delayed gratification (“Marshmellow Test”) and praising effort instead of intelligence (“Growth Mindset”) are concepts that find their roots in experiments at Bing.

Ms. Mayer reflected on critical lessons learned by her child at Bing through reading the following books, which I intend to revisit again myself in the coming evenings with my daughters:

  1. On the importance of experimentation: Green Eggs & Ham

2. On the power of the worth of an individual to change the world: The Lorax

3. On the value of sharing your knowlege: The Rainbow Fish

4. On the importance of courageous creativity and failing forward: Rosie Revere, Engineer

5. On the beauty of friendship and collaboration: A Color of His Own

Bonus: One of my favorites to add to the list on the importance of staying true to yourself: Cornelius

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