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Billionaire investing guru Wardell Buffer Jr, the ‘Prophet of Profit’ (Sir Patrick Stewart) has vowed to give away 99% of his net worth before he dies. At his 75th birthday party, he has a health scare and realizes that his time may be running out and he still has $75 billion dollars to give away (he’s 75, sitting on 75 bill — shoutout to Drake). He sets out on a cross-country trek with his trusty man-servant (John Hodgman) to find the people most worthy, and of course, hilarity ensues. It’s My Name is Earl meets Shark Tank.


GENRE: Comedy ($5)

STYLE (pick one): Reality (game show) ($2)

SETTING (pick one): Home/apartment ($2)

LOCATION (pick one): Every other major American city ($4)

TALENT (pick at least one): Patrick Stewart($5), Elisha Cuthbert ($3), John Hodgman ($2)

TOTAL: $31

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