Annotated Bibliography

“Answering for India’s “Missing Girls”: Sex-selective Abortion in India.” Record News. N.p., 11 Feb. 2014. Web. 20 Feb. 2016.

- Even though the author of this article is not listed, this piece on Record News was extremely in informational and contributed a great amount of knowledge on my topic of sex selective abortion. The main factors I got out of this piece, was the statistics on the sex ratio going on in India, and how off balanced it is, which is a main result of aborting babies because they are girls. The article, also goes further into depth on the main causes of sex selective abortions in India, and the country’s history with trying to end this practice and the legal actions India’s government has tried to attempt in the past but has failed.

Aulakh, R. (2014, October 13). India’s Prostitute Brides: Girls Raped as Temporary Wives. In Toronto Star Touch. Retrieved March 10, 2016.

- The issue with sex selective abortion in India is not only impacting the demography of females in the nation of India, but on a more global aspect it is affecting crime in India, which will influence other countries around the world. The main crime that is discussed not only in this article, but many regarding this issue, is sex trafficking. Because there now a low amount of girls in countries like India, due to sex selective abortions, girls are now becoming more sacred and have a higher value to them for human trafficking. Acts such as kidnapping and rape and selling young girls on the black market, is increasing because there are not as many girls to be sold in this dangerous market.

Banerji, R. (2012). India femicide: Where girl infants face ‘pre-meditated’ murder. In Women News Network. Retrieved May 1, 2016.

- Banerji, did a great job in spreading awareness of the horrible circumstances girls in India are put into just because they are girls. This inequality of sexes, has been pushed to the limit, resulting in girls always getting the short end of the stick just because of these misogynistic views, India has a tradition of having. This article, helped me in my piece by giving me support on how people in India, will put the lives of boys before the lives of girls. The article, goes on explaining, how because India is a poor country and short on common resources such as food, water, and shelter, even if the girls are not being aborted, they are dying from lack of nutrients because the little food and water they do have, goes straight to the boys and elders, leaving young girls and babies starving.

Bhaktwani, Anita. “The PC-PNDT act in a Nutshell.” Indian Journal of Radiology and Imaging. National Center of Biotechnology, Apr. 2012. Web. 27 Feb. 2016.

- Writing about India’s past legal history with abortions, plays a big role in my topic. Anita Bhaktwani, provided a lot of insight that helped with this portion of my overall writing dealing with sex selective abortion. She explained the PC-PNDT act and other laws that followed that were issued to ban abortions especially screening the sex of the baby.

Boughton MD, J. (2013, May 6). Female feticide: The ethical issues of ultrasound in India and China. In KevinMD.

- Looking at the technology side of the problem of allowing abortions to happen in India plays a big impact on sex selective abortions. Parents can not eliminate their baby without this type of advancement in technology mentioned in this article. Because there is more technology available in India, now even in small villages, accessibility to screening the babies to see what their sex is contribute to the issue whether or not they will be aborted or not. More abortions and ultrasound screening are occurring throughout regions of India, because the technology is spreading so fast.

Burns, J. F. (11994, August 27). India Fights Abortion of Female Fetuses. In The New York Times. Retrieved March 12, 2016, from EBSCO Host.

-This article’s main purpose is to inform readers about the Indian government’s laws concerning sex selective abortion in India. This articles states, “A new law passed recently by Parliament provides penalties of three years in prison and a fine of about $320 for those found guilty of administering or taking pre-natal tests solely to determine the sex of a fetus”. It continues to talk about how even though there are laws prohibiting these gendercides it is still a common practice in the country. The article goes on talking more about the laws and what conditions they are under and who will have to obey by them. This information is crucial to readers of my topic because it will provide them background knowledge of the authority’s perspective of sex selective abortions and what exactly they are doing to stop this practice.

Census of India. Government of India, 2011. Web. 28 Feb. 2016.

- Basic data from the years 2000–2011, of India’s population, and sex ration, and abortion rates cause from sex selective abortion is what is shown on this census. This gives me good support and concrete evidence using statistics that there is a problem with sex selective abortions in India, and the rate of girls’ birth rates are decreasing, and the sex ratio compared to boys is very off, leaving more males than females in India.

Mosher, S. W. (2007, March 1). President’s Page: Let Us Ban Sex-Selective Abortions. In Population Research Institute. Retrieved March 12, 2016, from EBSCO Host.

- When discussing the damaging factors sex selective abortions can result to, Steven Mosher goes further into detail about how this practice of sex selective abortion has reached epidemic proportion. The main thesis on this article focuses on the idea big topic in this article how this issue of sex selective abortion is now moving into the United States by Asian immigrants who are bringing those practices to America. Even though the sex selective abortions in the United States are on a much smaller scale compared to India, this is an important factor in my topic, because it shows how this issue on sex selective abortion needs to be stopped in countries such as India and China so they can be prevented from spreading to other parts of the world like it slowly is already to the United States.

Terzo, S. (2014, October 10). Pro-Choice feminists uneasy about sex-selective abortion…but support it anyway. In The Pulse. Retrieved March 11, 2016.

- Sarah Terzo illustrates an opposing view on the idea of sex selective abortion and instead of being against it people are giving their reasons why they actually support this practice. The surprising part to most people is that these views are coming from feminist which is unordinary since sex selective abortion is mainly to eliminate female fetuses. The main argument when defending sex selective abortion is that at the end of the day it is the woman’s body and they have the right to do what they please to it and no government authority should have a say what women can and cannot do to her own self. This is an important view to my topic because it helps shows readers an unbiased view on the topic and gives another opposing perspective on the issue.

Lamani, R. B. (2013, December). Police Corruption in India. International Journal of Criminology and Sociological Theory, 6(4), 228–234.

- The corruption of the India government plays another crucial factor in the act of sex selective abortion. This article explains, how even though there are already laws against having these abortions and screening these pregnancies just to see if they are having a girl, is illegal in India. But the reason why so many people in India are getting away with it and breaking these laws with no punishment, is because of the failure of authority, in this case, police, to actually punish the people who are breaking these laws. The reasons why so many police officers, are letting these abortions slide, is because of the bribe they receive from the families to abort the girl fetuses. India’s government does not pay the officers enough, barely anything, so if a family comes along and bribes the officers for a price they can not turn down, they will merely “look the other way” and have the abortions continue on.

Sex Selective Abortion (2014). In Population Research Institute. Retrieved April 2, 2016.

- This website breaks down the population demographics of sex selective abortions not just in India, which according to the cite, is one of the leading nations that practice these types of abortions, but as well as look at sex selective abortions through a global perspective and how the factors are impacting the rest of the world. This site, mostly deals with numbers and the statistic aspect of the problem, which was very beneficial to me, because it allowed me to provide plenty of ethos and pathos in my writing.