Solution to Case Study 4, Assignment 3 — Vedantu

Tilak Pati — Group R2 : Vedantu Case

After developing a Brand Temple and identifying the target segment, we now try to identify various channels of communication to reach these target segments for Vedantu.

Social Media :

Social media like Facebook and Instagram are being used by all start ups to reach a wide audience. It has been a very powerful medium to reach large numbers of people. It is cost effective. High ROI

Scalability achieved is not as high as some of the other media channels like TV

Newspapers and Magazines :

National newspapers and magazines are a great way to reach large number of people. Parents and teachers are in the age group who habitually read the morning paper and most of them read magazines.

It is definitely costlier than social media but cheaper than TV. Low ROI


Billboards / Outdoor Hoardings are also a great way to reach target audiences. These can be placed outside schools and colleges to be eye catching.

Low ROI and limited reach as compared to other media.


Widest reach as compared to other media. Adds credibility to the product when advertised on popular channels and programs. Brings a sense of credibility and comfort to the target audience. Highly scalable.

Very costly and low ROI especially for a start up. Beneficial when the Brand is slightly developed.

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