Top Five Skiing Spots in Connecticut

Connecticut doesn’t really strike as a destination for skiers as the summers are pretty much regarded as hot and humid. Whereas the winters are assumed to be moderately cold, however the good news is that snowfall is a recurring factor in Connecticut’s climate over the course of the 12 months.

The Northern area of Connecticut in particular is at a high elevation hence providing picturesque imagery and perfect conditions for skiing. Skiers regardless of their age and skill level should consider Connecticut as a destination where they can learn and experience skiing in the many resorts this state has to offer. The terrain can be rough in early in the season so make sure you have a ski helmet in case you take a fall!

Here are the top 5 skiing resorts in Connecticut:

1. Mohawk Mountain Ski Resort:

One of the most popular skiing resorts in Connecticut is located on the snowcapped Mohawk Mountain in the Northern town of Cornwall. The Mohawk Mountain Ski resort is a popular attraction for both day and night skiers.

At night the mountain lights up by bulbs and other lights so as to define certain trails where skiers prefer to go. Being it’s night make sure you have clear ski goggles so you can see the trails well. Once you reach the summit of the mountain you can choose whether you’d like to go for the beginner trail or a pro one.

2. Ski Sundown:

The Ski Sundown was named the Satan’s ridge for a reason. Having a total of 16 trails of which 15 are lighted for night skiing this is one of the most difficult ski areas in Connecticut.

Well, of course if you’re a beginner Ski Sundown has got a trail specially designed for you but if you’re looking for a challenge then you must try the Satan’s Stairway!

3. Mountain Southington Ski Area:

Get ready for the most fun filled ski resort offered by the State of Connecticut! The Mountain Southington Ski Area is a skiing resort suitable for all ages. For children it has a designated surface lift so that they can practice as much as they like.

For adults Mountain Southington Ski area offers a total of fourteen trails all characterized by mesmerizing imagery of snow Peak Mountains and trails. One thing that needs to be kept in mind is that the skiing season starts from the month of March to December.

4. Woodbury Ski Resort:

Located in Woodbury Connecticut, the ski resort is a respectable one both in terms of the experience that it offers and the surrounding environment.

Woodbury prides itself on the fact that it is the first ski resort which opens in every season. Serviced by multiple surface lifts and a chair, the Woodbury Ski Resort is a must visit for a ski lover!

5. Power Ridge Ski Area:

The Power Ridge Ski Area is a part of the Power Ridge resorts and parks. Known as one of the oldest ski areas in Connecticut it provides 19 trails with various difficulty levels. This ski area is characterized as a place for families hence making it the perfect place for you children to learn skiing.

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