Allo and the Prediction of Emotion

So when someone sends you a joke or a humurous message or even emoji through Allo, the app offers you to tap “Haha”. It essentially offers to execute an emotional reaction on your behalf.

This is interesting. But for the wrong reasons. Google might once again have pushed the envelope too far. This might turn out to actually freak people out and make them think “ok this is too much, sorry”. From my experience, Apple has always shown better to really understand the difference between technology for technology’s sake, and technology for human beings. You cannot ignore the human factor when designing technology. Is Google once again turning out to be truly just a tech company that easily gets the UX wrong — like it did when it “assumed” that it would be OK to add all your contacts from GMail to Google+?

What do you think? Is this creepy as hell and will be rejected, or will this become the new standard in messaging apps?

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