We know there are graphical interfaces more lightweight than LXDE, but among the Ubuntu flavours, Lubuntu has been the highlight in this point for several years. Since it switched to LXQt I wonder whether that might not be the case any more, let’s see.

There are a set of resources that can be considered in order to compare how lightweight a distro is, the first one we think about is memory usage, of course, but there is also storage usage, boot time, cpu usage while in idle, number of process launched and standing in background, etc.

I have installed the…

After facing many paradigms, I managed to plan what I call Smart Gitflow Pipeline, of course you may have some special needs on your project, but feel free to build your own pipeline based on mine, and share with me your testimonials.

Basically all pipelines I have seen in my life are intended to be small and simple, it may be easy to understand, but in other hand let a lot of hard work to human beings, and they are easily to commit mistakes.

What I am going to propose you is a smart pipeline, and if it be done…

Tiago Augusto Pimenta

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