Why he is so much better than the other guys

All of them play soccer. I hate soccer. They invite me to go watch them playing soccer for ninety long minutes. And they think making a score is the best thing they can do to show me they’re good and that they like me.

He does not play soccer. And I hate soccer. He’s a dancer. I love dancing. He invites me to go watch him dancing for — I don’t know — ten minutes. And I’d be watching him for longer than ninety if I had to.

All of them play videogames. I’m awful at videogames. They ignore me just to play those games and have fun with their friends. ’Cause I’m not their friend, I’m their girl.

He does not play videogames. And I’m awful at videogames. He draws. Well, I’m also awful at drawing, but I love it anyways. Sometimes, he stops talking to me because he’s drawing. But he’s not ignoring me. And he’s gonna finish the picture and show it to his friends. And that includes me. ’Cause I’ve always been his friend.

All of them wanna marry and have kids. I don’t. They think they gotta own a woman to fulfill whatever need they might have. I’m not anyone’s property.

He does not wanna marry or have kids. Me neither. He wants to have dogs. Me too. He has his needs and struggles, but he never throws his problems on my shoulders. With him, I feel free.

They gotta make some effort just to make me grin, because the things they find funny are, most of the times, offensive to me.

He just gotta be himself to make me smile. He respects me and other people. And he’s funny as hell to me, because he knows exactly the right thing to say, all the time.

They treat me as if I were an object, which I’m not.

He treats me as if I were a woman. And I am one!

They act like children, learning things just from me.

He acts like an adult, so we can learn from each other.

They think they’re superiors.

He knows he’s equal.

They judge my body.

He stares at my soul.

They are searching for sex.

He is looking for love.