Things I’ll Miss…

Word on the street is I’m moving back to LA later this month. This decision was made in December when a sudden calculation of my finances and emotions came together like Paul Atreides leaning on spice for the first time. I no longer felt SF was where I needed to be. Seeing how my work was flexible enough I was able to make the request to be remote (SWISH). I wish it made sense to continue staying here but many signs point to being back in LA. There are so many things I adore about this city (not the commute, tech bros, or lack of diversity). Lets be real…its hard to refuse beautiful weather, affordable rent, being around family, and AYCEBBQ.

Before I bounce here are some memories.

  • Walks at Fort Funston. Sitting at the ledge watching waves crash while I plan for the future.
  • Peruse SFMOMA where I retained membership for a year. Listening to Beach House on the Ellzworth Kelly floor.
  • Atlas Cafe where I spent many hours reading, thinking, and dreaming.
  • Working weekends so I can drop by the blue bottle on South Park to grab overpriced yogurt and coffee. At least I get a pleasant conversation w the pink hair Japanese barista about getting Murakami tattoos.
  • Super Duper w the best breakfast plan. $7.99 gets you an english muffin sammich w bacon, egg, and chee + mini donut + cup of 4 barrel coffee. BANG.
  • Sometimes walking or running along Ocean Beach. SF ZOO >>> GG Park.
  • Don’t believe the reviews Pho Huynh Hiep III in Daly City is FIRE. There might be a wait but the food comes out fast. All hand signals and gestures so make sure you know what you doing.
  • South Entrance to Oracle. I can’t believe how much basketball I watch this year and will continue to watch for the years to come.
thanks for making me the happiest man in the world Yvonne
  • Seeing Japanese Breakfast and Jay Som cover The Cranberries at Rickshaw Stop. I imagine this was how Darcy felt when he heard Elizabeth play for Lady Catherine in Kent (come to think of it thats probably why he went after her in the rain).

I’m sure I’ll be back.

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