the proof is in the perspective

Is that how you’re playing it today Universe?

I stumbled across the song “Say It” by Echos this morning and watched the associated music video and many emotions swept over me. I figured I would embrace the automatic emotional reaction instead of pretending it wasn’t there. Here’s the synopsis of the video:

It leads with a red-headed woman arriving to stand as live model for an artist sitting in a studio. He looks up from his notepad and a spark is instant across his face. We cut to their first date at a coffee shop and he snaps a photograph of her. Their growing affections spill through the following scenes, speckled with sweet relationship experiences and additional moments of modeling for his artistry.

Then, their shared happiness seems to dissipate. The male artist seems to pull away emotionally and physically from his partner and she seems to be at a loss for words — confusion and sadness clearly visible in her eyes.

We’re left with the male artist alone in his artist loft looking at his first drawing he did of the woman. He close his eyes. A blurry silhouette of them as a family of four dominates his thoughts. His eyes are open. Cut to black.

Echos. What a word. What a descriptor. This moment of emotion is expressively that. An echo to the past.

This song and video hit me in the feels really quick. Why? Well, could it be the fact that my last partner was a red-headed woman with whom that I fell in love with at first sight, too? Could it possibly be that I am myself a romantic artist who fancies to make muses out of his lovers and populate his entire notebook with their likeness, too? Could it be that we wanted to have a family, too? Could it be that we also started to lose closeness overtime? Could it be that we failed to communicate our feelings? Could it be that we failed each other?

The video clearly chooses a side through lyrics and visuals.

They show the woman as confused. They show the man leaving without a word. Taking a phone call and not looking back. Pulling away. Looking distant. The video and lyrics paint a picture that, perhaps, forces the audience into believing that he’s solely to blame for losing her. It’s all about perspective.

But, we don’t know the full story. Perhaps there are issues that one is facing and the other doesn’t know how to handle it. What if she is facing an internal issue for herself and he’s her support system? What if he doesn’t have a support system for his own sanity that is now being tested due to this new weight on his shoulders? What if she was supposed to be that support system for him, no matter how complicated that actually seemed? What if he thought his own emotional well-being wasn’t as as important than hers? What if he pent up his own turmoil inside and pretended to be strong for them both? What if that tore them apart from the inside? Perhaps they were supposed to withstand any obstacle. Maybe they always said “Come what may” and felt a calm sense of reassurance. We just don’t know.

What we do know — things happen for a reason.

Maybe this is what they needed. Sometimes people come into your life like a fucking hurricane and the adrenaline rushes through your soul. You embrace the constant bucking of your body, and you get a sense that you’re enjoying yourself. But, as everything around you crumbles and destruction is left in your wake, you finally come to realize that you are not yourself. A whirlwind has been thrashing around in your chest and you forgot to treasure the most important part of the universe: yourself. Balance your mind. Embrace love, but communicate your feelings. Communicate your needs. You must become open and available. You must feel, and feel out loud. Be proud. You’re here.

Remember: The universe conspires. I wouldn’t have found true happiness and light without first enduring the depression and darkness. Perspective gives you the power to understand and the permission to grow.

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