A Tale of Two Docks

Why I have two Flipboard Magazines devoted to docks, piers and jetties…

When Flipboard announced in March of 2013 that they were opening up their magazine making platform to the public, one of the first mags I made was the one below, Dock of the Bay. I loved the peaceful pictures of ocean-side scenes. Just a single dock jutting out over the water.

Luckily, these scenes are a favorite subject of photographers, and I didn’t lack for content. Every day I was flipping pics from Flickr, Instagram and 500PX into this magazine. And I was happy with it for about a year. Flipboard changed their magazine cover style to the ones you see below. And then I noticed something about Dock of the Bay.

How some of the dock scenes weren’t ocean-side at all. They were instead lake-side visuals. Also beautiful, but different. Canoes tied up at a mountain lake as opposed to a boat at harbor on the ocean. And that is when I decided to split Dock of the Bay into two mags, Dock of the Bay and its new little brother Dock of the Lake.

Was this the right thing to do? It’s been a year now since I published this, and I am convinced it was. If I decide to ever merge them back together into one docks mag, I will let you know.

One issue with this separation is deciding the location as you flip. You’re looking at a photo of some water and a dock, like the one I took above. How do you tell if it is at the lake or on the bay? If you can see land in the distance, it is usually a lake. But not always, and not in this case where the location is Galveston Bay, ocean-side.

Of course, if all Photographers would tag their photos with where they were taken, this task of which mag it should be flipped into would be a lot easier. I even wrote a blog post about this topic:

But ultimately, I feel that there is enough content to support both mags, and that they flow better for the reader. I am happy to share the work of fellow photographers in a way that respects them, clicking on the photo in the mag provides you with a link back from the flip to their original image. And you can like the image on Flickr, Instagram or 500px while on Flipboard! Both magazines get new photos flipped into them almost daily. And they each have a very different vibe.

Dock of the Bay http://flip.it/qVDxG via Flipboard has 2,000+ items and over 100,000 page flips

Dock of the Lake http://flip.it/aN1Ha via Flipboard has 350+ items and over 10,000 page flips

Both are perfect for viewing with your morning cup of coffee or OJ, so check them out. And please follow me on Flipboard, I will help fill up your Cover Stories with awesome photos!


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