Father’s Day Card for a Dad with Advanced Dementia

Dad on an earlier Father’s Day

I was at the drug store trying to pick out a Father’s Day card for my 86 year old Dad who has Advanced Dementia. Tears are streaming down my face in the store as I browse the selection and I realize most of these cards won’t work.

First, Dad won’t know it is Father’s Day. He doesn’t remember my Mom and often doesn’t realize who I am. So all of these cards that mention the past and good times and how I was as a child? He doesn’t know. Those memories are gone.

How bad is the Dementia? If I hand him a cookie, he asks what to do with it. He’ll follow my instructions and maybe even tell me he likes the cookie. But he doesn’t remember how to eat one.

Dad Holding Me

He was a great Dad when I was growing up. I’m the oldest of 6 kids and he helped us all. Dad was the smartest person I know for most of my life. That’s why this loss of his memory is heartbreaking. And Father’s Day may be the hardest day of all for this…

I did buy a card. And once I told him what an envelope was and how to open it, he did like it. It simply said that he is my hero.

Update: I lost my Dad 9/15/17. Please donate in his honor here: http://act.alz.org/site/TR/Events/Tributes-AlzheimersChampions?pxfid=438193&fr_id=1060&pg=fund

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