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Your App Can Tell You It’s Time To Update Your Mag!

I noticed something great in the Flipboard App. In the Share dialog box on the front of your magazine, you can share your mag out to the standard places, Twitter, Facebook, etc. But you can also share it to the iOS Reminders app!

Add in some text like “Update Mag” and set a date and time. Reminders app keeps the flip.it link and will let you easily access the Flipboard mag when the reminder is due.

Christmas is coming and I have a wishlist magazine on Flipboard. A reminder in November to update the mag with current wishes and text it to my family would be super helpful.

I’d like to update my “Lucky to be Irish” magazine about a month before St. Patrick’s day arrives, and move it up to the front of my profile in Flipboard. I flip into it all year long, but it needs a hard look for dead links etc. when the holiday gets closer.

Lucky To Be Irish on Flipboard
By Terry Porter | Celebrating Irish Heritage for St. Patrick's Dayflip.it
Or maybe I am planning to share a new mag for #FlipboardFriday this week, and I want a note on Thursday to check it over so the magazine looks its best when I share it. This is perfect for that!

I regularly share my mags on #FlipboardFriday. This feature will work great to send me a reminder the day before on Thursday to update the mag so that it is ready for others to view.

You can set these reminders to be recurring, which is great for marketers with an editorial calendar. Or for anyone who wants these kinds of thoughts out of their head and into a trusted system where it will show up when you need it to!

Thanks to the Flipboard Club team for putting together the magazine above and celebrating #FlipboardFriday every week. If your Wednesdays don’t yet include #FlipboardChat on Twitter, you are missing out on something that can change your whole Flipboard experience! Join us weekly at 9 pm CT (10 pm ET) for a fun and informative chat.

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